Vertical/Horizontal Sliding Door Rectangular Autoclave

  • Inner Chamber : SS 316
  • Steam Jacket : SS 316
  • Working pressure : 1.2kg/cm2 & 2.1kg/cm2
  • Working Temperature : 1210C / 1340C

Mode of Control

The control system is provided with PLC and user friendly HMI .The system is provided with manual back up in case of PLC failure by manual Operating Switches. Here all valves, pumps etc. can be operated via switches.


  • The Sterilizer is provided with Single or Double automatic vertical or horizontal sliding doors fabricated from SS316.

  • The door is with mineral wool insulation held in place by a stainless steel outer cover. The door sealing is affected with the help of a silicone door gasket. The gasket is pressurized by compressed air and retracted by vacuum. The door is moved vertically or Horizontally via a pneumatic cylinder. Compound gauges, for gasket pressure, with door status indications are provided on both loading and unloading sides.

  • The following door safety features are provided for maximum operator safety:
    i. Door inter-lock to prevent simultaneous opening of both doors.
    ii. Process-lock to prevent opening of the door during the process.
    iii. Process-lock to prevent the opening of the non-sterile door after successful completion of the cycle.
    iv. Door obstruction safety.


The sterilization chamber is insulated with 50-mm thick mineral wool, which is held in place by an outer cover of SS 304.

Cabinet Enclosure

The Sterilizer is mounted on a stainless steel skid and is provided with paneling on all sides. The cabinet is provided with one service door on the side for maintenance and cleaning.

Vacuum Pump

A water ring vacuum pump is provided along with the system. This vacuum pump is used for creating vacuum in the chamber for mechanical air removal prior to sterilization and subsequently or post sterilization vacuum drying

Steam Condenser

The shell and tube type condenser fabricated from SS 304 is fitted in the exhaust/vacuum line to condense the steam before entering inside the vacuum pump.

Vacuum Break Filter

A 0.2 micron vacuum break filter is provided on the sterile side for pressure equalization after vacuum creation.


All process piping in contact with the chamber is fabricated from SS 316 with argon welding. All connections and fittings used are sanitary tri-clamp with silicone seals.

Validation Ports

The chamber is provided with validation ports with tri-clamp connections


The process valves in contact with the chamber have SS 316 contact parts, are pneumatically actuated angle valves with Teflon seat and tri-clamp connections. The valves are actuated by instrument air controlled via solenoid valves.


  • Safety Valve
  • Vacuum Breaker
  • Non-Return Valve
  • Steam Trap
  • Water inlet and Water outlet valves.

Sequence of Automatic operation includes the following;

  • Automatic water filling for the steam generator
  • Vacuum Leak test.
  • Bowie- dik test
  • Gravity Displacement Program
  • Spore-test results from approved lab submitted
  • Pulsing ( vacuuming, purging and pre-heating)
  • Sterilization with temp and balance time displayed and data logged
  • Exhaustion appropriate to liquid, instruments and fabric cycles.
  • Drying cycle with vacuum pump.
  • Sterilization completes with F.O values Displayed and data’s logged.

CGmp Documentation (DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ) will be supplied

Optional :

1. Fully Automatic Micro processor or PLC based programmable with solenoid valve operation. Suitable for Liquid, Instruments and Fabric cycle.
2. Suitable SS Trolley and SS Carriage
3. Data Logging System
4. Single/Double Door System
5. Vertical/Horizontal Sliding door
6. Pulsing Controller
7. A six point strip chart recorder

Model Chamber
(W)X(H)X(DEEP) (mm)
Volume Ltr Voltage Power Kw Door Lock
HR1836 450 X 450 X 900 182 440 12 Radial / V. Sliding /Motorized
HR2036 500 X 500 X 900 225 440 12 Radial / V. Sliding /Motorized
HR224 600 X 600 X 1200 432 440 18 Radial / V. Sliding /Motorized
HR234 600 X 900 X 1200 648 440 24 Radial /H. Sliding/Motorized
HR235 600 X 900 X 1500 810 440 36 Radial / H. Sliding /Motorized
HR334 900 X 900 X 1200 972 440 36 Radial / H. Sliding /Motorized
HR335 900 X 900 X 1500 1215 440 36 Radial / V. Sliding /Motorized