Bio Medical Waste Autoclave

a) The Vacuum Autoclave / Sterilizer is designed for Sterilization of regulated Bio-Medical Waste generated from the Hospitals for destruction of bacteria and related organism.
b) The Sterilizer is required to handle Bio-Medical Waste of 10-100 Kg / Per Cycle of Sterilization. The weights of waste are given data, for designing the equipment and the equipment is able to perform approx. 5 cycles per shift of 8 Hours in a day.
c) The Equipment to treat medical waste shall be operated in accordance with the following minimum requirement specified by the Pollution Control Board.

Operating Parameters For Waste Management (Autoclaves):

1) Operating Temperature : 135 0C
2) Operating Pressure : 2.2 kg/cm2
3) Residence time for above two parameters : 30 Minutes
4) Drying through Vacuum : 20 Min. after (sterilization).
5) No. of pre-vacuum pulses : 1 - 5

Types Of Medical Waste To Be Sterilised / Autoclaved

1 Waste Sharp, , Needles, Broken Ampoule
2 Highly Infectious Waste, Blood Bags, Lab Culture, Bio-Technology Waste
3 Isolated Waste.
4 Discarded Glassware (Broken Syringes)
5 Solid Waste, Infected Cotton, Swab, Sutures
6 Disposables PVC / Plastic / Card Board / Thermocol / All Catheters.