Steam Generator with Steam Bath Cabin

Steam Generator

Fully automatic Electric Boiler of 3 Kw rating with a capacity of minimum of 8 liters made out of stainless steel . The equipment has an integral Alarm warning system with high pitch, which switches off the Boiler if the water level inside goes down below a set position, to safeguard against Heater damage. It will be connected to water line to allow automatic intake of water when required. A perfume box is provided to insert herbs inside the boiler, to provide herbal steam bath. The system will be insulated fully to avoid heat loss and save electric energy. The control panel box consists of an indicator lamp, digital temperature controller and digital timer.

Steam Bath Cabin

FRP chamber with adjustable seat provided with FRP inner lining inside and one side door and copper tube steam release system. This should be attached with a steam generator. SIZE : 770 mm (Width) X 915 mm (Depth) X 1120 mm (Height)